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Boarding & DAY CARE

Our facility has indoor runs, attached to outdoor runs which allow the dogs to go in and out as they please between the hours of 6 am and 9 pm. Our runs that are suited for extra large breed dogs to medium dogs are 8′ by 6′ and the runs for the medium to extra small dogs are 6′ by 6′.  All of the outdoor runs are covered; protecting the dogs from the elements and the kennel is double-fenced for extra protection.

Alpine View features in-floor heating which keeps our boarders warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We have large fenced recreational areas where the dogs get to be dogs for a greater portion of the day. We have implemented a supervised socialization program, in which we specialize each playgroup depending on the dogs needs or social skills, we encourage the dogs (especially single family dogs) to play with the other dogs. That said, if you as an owner do not feel comfortable having your pet play with others, we will play with them on their own.

Each dog is exercised twice a day, within playgroups or alone, their kennels are cleaned out twice a day and they are fed twice a day. We love our guests so we spend lots of time with each dog while their owners are away.

Cat boarding starts at $20 per night, additional $10 per cat staying in the same room. We offer cat grooming too, we can trim their nails and cuddle with them during their stay. For all cat stays, you must bring their food, and a bed. We can provide bedding and litter, but felines are such finicky creatures that if they do prefer your own current brands, you are welcome to bring their own stuff.


We require vaccination certificates for your pets for their stay. Dogs need to have all of their regular vaccinations, DAPP, Rabies, as well as their Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations. This helps to ensure all dogs safely can board together and enjoy social play.

For special circumstances such as: compromised immunity, titre tested or senior dogs special circumstances please contact us to discuss. Titre tests accepted.

Dogs have sensitive digestive systems, therefore all owners are required to bring enough pet food for your pet for the entire stay, plus an extra two days worth in case you get delayed coming home. Please bring food in a Tupperware or other sealed plastic container, labeled and easily portioned is preferred. 

We prefer to use our bedding, so your stuff stays lovely at home, we have lots of bedding to keep them comfy, but if you want to leave an item from home that is great too!

Please leave your dogs toys and bowls at home, they will be active and not bored. These items tend to be mixed up and do not want to lose your pups favorite toy! We welcome bones and treats.


Check in times are between 6 am - 8 pm weekdays, and 7 am - 6 pm weekends.

Check out is by 1 pm or a $12 daycare fee will be added to your services.


We ask for ONE family at a time in the lobby, please wait outside in your vehicle to allow privacy, and safe lobby experience for each dog family. Some canines are not friendly to new humans or other dogs, and we ask you to kindly wait until the lobby is clear. 


Overnight boarding fills up based on holidays, long weekends, and seasonal demands (i.e. Christmas, Spring Break etc.) - please book early, and as far in advance as possible to ensure your pups spot during these peak times.

We are closed on Sundays of all long weekends for check in and check out to allow for a quiet day and due to peak times we require a minimum two night stay for holidays.

To book your pet's stay: call 1-403-934-6635; e-mail us at; or, book online.


All dog guest are required to have an up-to-date profile, vaccination record, and completed waivers.  Please ensure that you download the complete the forms below before your first visit.  For subsequent visits, please verify with our staff if your profile, information, and vaccination records are accurate and up-to-date. 

Pet Information Form [PDF - Click to Download]

Waiver [PDF - Click to Download]


Alpine View Pet Spa effective immediately is implementing a

NEW CLIENT request form.

This will ensure that we have the basic information needed for the care of your pet, and to ensure the safety of the facility is maintained. 

If you are a new client, you must return this form before any reservations are accepted, as well it may be necessary to book a meet and greet prior to the reservation to due to the needs of your pet.

OVERnight boarding RATES

Overnight and long-term boarding starts at $45* per night. Multiple dogs are welcome for an additional $15 for second dog, and $10 for third and each additional furry friend staying in the same kennel. Dogs sharing a room must be from the same household - no exceptions.


For long-term care, we offer a discount of 10% off stays over 21 days.

Additional fees may apply for high-medical needs dogs (ie. injections etc.). Please speak with one of our staff.

Single Dog

Starting at $45 per night

Two Dogs

Starting at $60 per night

Three Dogs

Starting at $70 per night

Four Dogs

Starting at $80 per night


Doggy daycare starts at $28* per day, or get free days with our value packages (You can buy those online too!).  

To book your pet's stay: call 1-403-934-6635; e-mail us at; or, book online.

Daycare passes are for day services only, not overnight boarding.


We are open daily for daycare, based on availability. Holidays and long weekends we are unable to accommodate daycare as we are full for overnight boarding. 

5 Day Passes

Buy 5 Days, Get One Free

One Dog $140.00

Two Dogs $190.00

10 Day Passes

Buy 10 Days, Get 2 Days Free

One Dog $280.00

Two Dogs $380.00

15 Day Passes

Buy 15 Days, Get 3 Days Free

One Dog $420.00

Two Dogs $570.00

20 Day Passes

Buy 20 Days, Get 4 Days Free

One Dog $560.00

Two Dogs $760.00

All prices are subject to GST.

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