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Alpine View Pet Spa is excited to open our newest offering, a 2.5 acre, fenced, and private dog park available for bookings 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm daily!

A one-hour booking of our new park is only $12 (one vehicle) and is self-serve. Buy a multi-visit pass!

$25 for groups between 2-5 vehicles 

$50 per hour for groups over 5 vehicles 

(use Group Booking option below)


Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use (listed below) and the required acknowledgement of the Liability and Vaccination Waiver

All bookings are online (below), and this is a self-serve booking and payments must be made in advance and online.  Cancellations must be completed 24 hours in advance on through the online system - refunds will not be given without adequate cancellation time. 




The safety of all our customers both canine and humans is of the utmost importance at Alpine View Pet Spa.  Please review and adhere to all the terms and conditions outlined below for the use of our Private Dog Park:

There is NO SMOKING in the park. As we do not want to have any grass fires, or dogs ingesting debris left in the park, we also would ask you to respect this as a facility and keep your consumptions to your vehicle or home. Thank you.

  1. Use of the Alpine View Pet Spa Private Dog Park is at your own risk. Review and acceptance of our Dog Park Liability and Vaccination Waiver is a mandatory requirement for all bookings.

  2. The dog park facility is reserved for you during your booking time.  This is a self-serve offering, please respect the timeline of your booking and the booking time of those before and after you. Do not enter the Dog Park area if there is another family using it. Please communicate courteously and directly with other people using the facility.

  3. Your dog(s) must be on-leash and in-control between your vehicle and the Alpine View Pet Spa  Dog Park entrance – and in all public/common areas at our facility. Off leash access is only permitted within the gates and fences of the dog park facility and with the dogs participating in the booking time allotted.

  4. Do not walk your dog on- or off-leash (unless transferring from your vehicle to the Dog Park entrance) within the parking area(s) or private residence on site.  Please wait in your vehicle until it is safe to transfer your dog(s) to the Dog Park gate.

  5. Keep the gate to the Alpine View Pet Spa Dog Park CLOSED AT ALL TIMES.

  6. Ensure sufficient, responsible handlers are present to manage the canine visitors during your booking.

  7. ALWAYS pick up after your dog and be courteous in keeping our facility clean for the next users. Do your part and help each other. If you see a pile of poop, help us out and pick it up. DO NOT leave plastic bags full of poop laying out in the field – they can seriously damage our yard maintenance equipment. Dog poop waste stations are available for disposal of your collection. BRING YOUR OWN WASTE BAGS. Please ensure you have sufficient (plus EXTRA) bags provide EXTRA bags for yourself.

  8. Poop waste stations are meant for just that – poop only. It should be securely bagged and placed in the container. DO NOT dispose of other litter (coffee cups, snack wrappers etc.) or in these small stations. 

  9. The Alpine View Pet Spa Dog Park is an outdoor, natural area.  Conditions include uneven ground, various ground cover and vegetation, gopher holes, ice build-up, mud puddles, wildlife, etc.

  10. Consider the weather. Refunds or cancellations are not granted for inclement weather conditions. We can not control the weather in Cheadle, which may be different than Calgary, Chestermere, and even Strathmore…

  11. Consider road conditions due to weather or other uncontrollable traffic event.  Bookings will not be refunded due to road conditions.

  12. Obey the posted speed limit at all times at the Alpine View Pet Spa.

  13. Keep away from owner’s private house and yard space. 

  14. Keep away from the boarding/daycare facility fencing/runs.

  15. Do not transport your dog(s) loose in the bed of a truck or allow them to run loose behind your vehicle at any time.  This act could result in a permanent ban from our facility, and no refunds for outstanding passes will be given if this is the case.

  16. There are no public restroom facilities for humans at Alpine View Pet Spa.  Plan accordingly.

  17. We have a zero-tolerance policy for ANY sort of abuse towards animals, other customers, our staff, or the property.  Be kind.

  18. Please direct all feedback by e-mail to and we are happy to discuss your suggestions, feedback and concerns in a respectable and timely manner

We are happy to give back to our fur friends, our own family runs, operates, and puts our own money and hard work into building and maintaining the property and spaces for dog use. Please respect our home we are sharing with you.

It is impossible to please every individual and think of every potential rule and situation to fit all. If you find that these rules of use do not meet your needs, please enjoy alternative options elsewhere. If the enjoyment of this private land is a fit for you, then have a pawsome time!

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