Alpine View Pet Spa offers a full range of grooming services for your dog.  From a basic bath, to a full service, breed-specific groom we will keep your furry friends looking their best. 


Grooming Consent Form [PDF - Click to Download] 



For puppies starting after their second set of shots, we recommend a monthly appointment to help get them used to grooming and handling.  Includes a bath, blow dry, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning and tidy of face, feet and sanitary area.

Bath & TIDY

Maintain your dog’s style between full haircuts.

Bath, brush and blow dry, ear cleaning and nail trim.  Tidy face, feet and sani between full grooming appointments to prevent matting and skin issues.


The full makeover! 


Bath, brush and  blow-dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, full body haircut as requested.  Price is based on a shorter length left on, longer styles, breed cuts etc. are available as an option for an additional cost, and may require more frequent appointments to maintain.


‘Humanity over Vanity’

Not all dogs like grooming, either because they are older, have had a bad experience in the past, or have medical issues.  A ‘comfort groom’ is just that, a groom with the dog’s comfort and needs in mind.  We can set up a program that works with your dog’s needs to keep them in good shape with a style (if clipping/trimming is required) that minimizes their stress levels.


For shedding breeds, a bath, brushout and blow dry, ear cleaning and nail trim and light trimming of feet and ear hair  to tidy up and prevent matting.


Deshedding, dematting, dirty dogs $10 for every 15 minutes required.

Shave-downs (for dogs that have not been groomed in the past six months and require a complete shave prior to bathing) $15+.