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Our Dayschool program allows parents with busy and active dogs to receive the support and enlightenment they need. We can help relieve some of the stress of puppyhood, adolescents, and adulthood by working with your dog while you work or are on vacation. We offer dayschool and school time while they board and you are away as well!


We work on skills, obedience based and positive brain games. We can help with behavioral needs, skill honing and more. 

Dayschool is when the dog comes to stay for the day, we do a one on one session with one of the certified staff members to work on the requests of the parents while they are here for the day. Then, after a day of activity, school work and play in our outdoor play yards with or without friends based on the dogs social needs, you will receive a report card outlining our day, play, and successes as well as possible homework and support for at home.

Please ask for a training form and appointment to reserve your dayschool time!

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