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At Rescued Paws at Alpine Foundation, we are family ran and owned facility. We have integrated a small rescue to our 'home away from home' for dogs that find themselves displaced, in a home that they don’t fit in well with, or other special circumstances.


Our surrender contract allows the current pet parents to give us information on behavior and medical needs, and then to be able to decide if we can help them. Rescued Paws is not a typical ‘rescue’ as we do not seek out to pull dogs from homes or situations, but are more than willing to help other rescues when the time comes!

Dogs brought to us are in situations in which it simply is not healthy for the dog to continue or there is no one to care for the dog and they are surrendered to us. We locally adopt and locally re-home dogs by world of mouth from clients and friends. We pride ourselves in knowing that we will see them again in visits or contact through the years after an adoption.

Why we accept a surrender: We understand that sometimes humans can choose dogs that are not suited for their family, it can create anxiety, behavior issues, fear, issues with children, other dogs, and energy levels that you are not prepared for. Our main goal is find homes that are well suited for the dogs and the new pet family. We are only a home between homes for our furry friends and we love and care for them as our own.


We may not always have lots of dogs to choose from, as our dogs fluctuate depending on situations they are in.


Our current project is to become a charity and are beginning to fundraise for the Rescue to receive it's own facility to house the dogs in, and rehabilitate dogs to become Canine Good Neighbor Certified community pets. We do have our Non profit status and are able to accept donations!

How ADOPTION works

We appreciate you taking the time to fill out our adoption or foster application, and will keep it on file for when we have a dog come to us that may suit your requests and their needs close to perfect.


After we receive an application, we can set up meet and greets with you and the requested dog, to see how they feel about you. If we choose to move forward, all is well, we will arrange to come to your home, and home check.

During this we also let the dog check you, after all it’s for them! If they are happy to be there, we watch the behavior and comfort of the dog, help you introduce them to your home, other animals or children. Then we will continue to the adoption contract, and do a 24 hour trial. During your 24 hour trial, for any reason, you may cancel and full refund is given. We continue on if things are well to a 7 day trial, whereas the same return policy’s upheld, full refund within a week.

Once you’re made your full week and during that time fell in love and can’t look back, we officially transfer files from vets to your vet and allow full ownership. If for any reason in the future your new pet is unable to remain with you, they must return to us.  

Spay or Neuter clause: all dogs must be altered, and will remain under a 50/50 pet guardianship until complete. If failure to follow this policy is found, the dog must be returned to RPAF, or if for any reason in the future the dog cannot stay in your care, it must be returned to RPAF. 


Thank you for considering an adoption and we look forward to building more furry relationships over the years to come.

We have a vet we trust and use for all our dogs, Animal Care Center in Strathmore, to care for and vet check our Rescued Paws dog. Our dogs are fed on donated food from our pals at Strathmore Pet Planet - Pet Valu and other donators. We do accept bedding /leashes/collars/food/toys /treats etc. and use these to care for and send to foster and adoption homes when needed.

*we do not intake severe medical needs dogs, or dogs with human aggression. We kindly defer these cases to other rescues that are larger with the appropriate trainers and vet care.

*we are non-profit, but are not registered. We offer a simple process and avoid a lot of the complex rescue adoptions by keeping things simple.

(UPDATEd JUNE 5, 2023)


MUNCHKIN- available to adopt

This is Munchkin. She is a sweetheart!

She is a 5 year old Lab/Rotti mix.

She is good with dogs, cats, kids, but we prefer kids over 5 years old so they don't fall on her hips.

Munchkin has multiple physical limitations, she has hip and elbow dysplasia, ligaments tears and arthritis pain. (Hence no falling toddlers on her) However, with her daily supplements for inflammation and weight management she is flourishing! She is running and walking, totally loves all the attention and is so well natured!

She needs a sunny deck to rest her tail on every day, let her love you!

Zeus Seeking Foster asap!

Available for adoption!

Zeus is a Mastiff mix, who is neutered and vaccinated. He is one year old, lover of dogs, kids and seems ok with cats!

He is playful, energetic, cuddly, gentle and looking for love!

Large size, medium energy level. 

Looking for a loving forever home! 


Electra- Looking for a foster, available to adopt.

She is so kind, with her big shepherd ears, and little collie sized body, she is a great medium sized girl. 
She is approx 9-12 months, and has been spayed and vaccinated.

Gentle, calm and loving.

Medium sized at about 25-30 pounds. Medium energy level.


He was a puppy when we first met this sweet heart, he was 8 weeks old! He has been brought to us again, no fault of his own.

Great with kids, cats and dogs! He turns one this spring, and we hope to find him a fun and active loving family.


He walks on leash, sits, shakes a paw. Stay on your bed, housetrained and such a love bug. Spudz has a fantastic foster family currently, and he is neutered and ready for a new home!

Medium sized and medium energy.

FOxy 1_edited.jpg


Foxy is the biggest love bug.

She is small, red-golden unknown mix.

We guess her age between 1-2 years old.


Spayed and vaccines up to date.

She’s gentle, sweet, cuddly, alittle shy, and ready for her Furever home.

Good with kids, cats, dogs!

Walks well, sits, is very into her humans and loves to watch you, stay with you and play!

Foxy is considered, small-med

Low to medium energy.

Adoption or foster home needed asap!

JUDGE 1.jpg


Have you ever wanted a dog that has the most unique look, is a gentle giant, is soft and the most loyal?

Meet Judge.

This boy is Lab/presa Canario, 3.5 years old. Has a heart of gold, loves kids, does well with dogs, but no go for intact males, not cat tested fully but he has met the kennel kitties - shows no interest.

Judge will sit, lay down, shake a paw, he does pull on leash- we are working on that

He is a gentle giant, lap dog, bed stealer. Is crate trained for when your away, but prefers your bed.

This boy has werewolf tufts on his shoulders- and toes giving him a super unique look. Brindle and fluffy misc tufts. He has skin irritation and has restricted dietary intake for unknown causes, we will try for testing to help.

Please note-

This boy will go to ONLY homes with experience in large breeds, and approved with a plan to continue his training here at Alpine.

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