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Our professional team helps to ensure that your furry family members are well-cared for, loved and treated as our own pets while staying with us, and leave looking their best at Alpine View Pet Spa.

We are your 'dog's home away from home'. 

Alpine View Pet Spa offers quality boarding, daycare, training, dog grooming, and pet supplies for our clients.

Boarding & DAY CARE

Our facility has indoor runs, attached to outdoor runs which allow the dogs to go in and out as they please between the hours of 7am and 9pm. Our runs that are suited for extra large breed dogs to medium dogs are 8′ by 6′ and the runs for the medium to extra small dogs are 6′ by 6′.  All of the outdoor runs are covered; protecting the dogs from the elements and the kennel is double-fenced for extra protection.

Alpine View features in-floor heating which keeps our boarders warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We have large fenced recreational areas where the dogs get to be dogs for a greater portion of the day. We have implemented a supervised socialization program, in which we specialize each playgroup depending on the dogs needs or social skills, we encourage the dogs (especially single family dogs) to play with the other dogs. That said, if you as an owner do not feel comfortable having your pet play with others, we will play with them on their own.

Each dog is exercised twice a day, within playgroups or alone, their kennels are cleaned out twice a day and they are fed twice a day. We love our guests so we spend lots of time with each dog while their owners are away.


We require vaccination certificates for your pets for their stay. Dogs need to have all of their regular vaccinations, DAPP, Rabies, as well as their Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations. This helps to ensure all dogs safely can board together and enjoy social play.

For special circumstances such as: compromised immunity, titre tested or senior dogs special circumstances please contact us to discuss.

Dogs have sensitive digestive systems, therefore all owners are required to bring enough pet food for your pet for the entire stay, plus an extra two days worth in case you get delayed coming home. Please bring food in a Tupperware or other sealed plastic container, labeled and easily portioned is preferred. 

We encourage you to bring bedding, or a blanket to smell like home, as we like to make their kennel feel as close to home as possible. If you forget bedding, don’t worry we have some that your pet can use.

Please leave your dogs toys at home, they will be active and not bored. We welcome bones and treats if you choose.


Pickup and drop off is not available at this time. We hope to resume this service shortly. 


Overnight and long-term boarding starts at $30* per night. Multiple dogs are welcome for an additional $10* per furry friend staying in the same kennel. Dogs sharing a room must be from the same household - no exceptions.


For long-term care, we offer a discount of 10% off stays over 21 days.


Overnight boarding fills up based on holidays, long weekends, and seasonal demand (i.e. Christmas, Spring Break etc.) - please book early, and as far in advance as possible to ensure your pups spot during these peak times.

We are closed on Sundays of all long weekends. On long weekends we are closed on Sundays - a minimum two-night stay is required on all long weekends.

Doggy daycare starts at $28* per day, or choose from one of our value-packages below. 

To book your dog's stay: call 1-403-934-6635; e-mail us at; or, book online.



All dog guest are required to have an up-to-date profile, vaccination record, and completed waivers.  Please ensure that you download the complete the forms below before your first visit.  For subsequent visits, please verify with our staff if your profile, information, and vaccination records are accurate and up-to-date. 

Pet Information Form [PDF - Click to Download]

Waiver [PDF - Click to Download]

OVERnight boarding


Book one dog for overnight boarding. $30* per night.


Book two dogs for overnight boarding. $40* per night (same kennel).

Three DOGs

Book three dogs for overnight boarding. $50* per night (same kennel).



Single-dog $140* 

Double-dog $190*

Single-dog $280* 

Double-dog $380*

15-day pass

Single-dog $420* 

Double-dog $570*



Alpine View Pet Spa offers a full range of grooming services for your dog.  From a basic bath, to a full service, breed-specific groom we will keep your furry friends looking their best. 


Grooming Consent Form [PDF - Click to Download] 



For puppies starting after their second set of shots, we recommend a monthly appointment to help get them used to grooming and handling.  Includes a bath, blow dry, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning and tidy of face, feet and sanitary area.

Bath & TIDY

Maintain your dog’s style between full haircuts.

Bath, brush and blow dry, ear cleaning and nail trim.  Tidy face, feet and sani between full grooming appointments to prevent matting and skin issues.


The full makeover! 


Bath, brush and  blow-dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, full body haircut as requested.  Price is based on a shorter length left on, longer styles, breed cuts etc. are available as an option for an additional cost, and may require more frequent appointments to maintain.


‘Humanity over Vanity’

Not all dogs like grooming, either because they are older, have had a bad experience in the past, or have medical issues.  A ‘comfort groom’ is just that, a groom with the dog’s comfort and needs in mind.  We can set up a program that works with your dog’s needs to keep them in good shape with a style (if clipping/trimming is required) that minimizes their stress levels.


For shedding breeds, a bath, brushout and blow dry, ear cleaning and nail trim and light trimming of feet and ear hair  to tidy up and prevent matting.


Deshedding, dematting, dirty dogs $10 for every 15 minutes required.

Shave-downs (for dogs that have not been groomed in the past six months and require a complete shave prior to bathing) $15+.



Classes resuming!

Hello all you pawsome parents, we are so excited to let you know that mid JUNE in stage 2 we will continue with classes!

However we will offer outside classes for June 5, 12, and 19 unless we are allowed indoor class again.


Further into our class information, we wanted to announce a change effective

July 1/2021

All our classes will be moving back into a clinic type of format where we will do a 4 or 6 class session and will run for a set amount of dates. We are implementing this structure again as it helps us be sure that skills and lessons follow our curriculum, to ensure your pup and you learn the maximum amount of skills. We also found this format was much less stressful for our dog parents to know exactly what time frame to expect to come to classes. Please know that after a 4 or 6 week session of classes ends, you are always welcome to continue on to the next class for furthering education or to retake and continue to work on social skills, and cues. Our dogs are always learning and we hope that you will let us be a future part of your bond with your fur friend.


Our clinic for the summer will be updated within the next couple of weeks so please let us know if you have questions.



All classes are Pawsitive based learning, our training is taught with positive reinforcement, to create an environment to allow for growth, both human and canine. We are committed to using only modern science-based methods, we believe that by fostering and enhancing the human-canine bond we can help:

•  create a positive relationship with your dog;
•  rehabilitate behavioral issues through education, awareness and reward;
•  prevent surrenders and improve canine reputations through education, positive training and socialization;
•  provide comprehensive dog owner education, training and support to enhance your relationship with your dog  while helping create well-manned canine citizens.


All classes are 4-6 weeks, running Saturday and Thursday

We also offer a Dayschool program, where the dogs come to play for the day, and we do a private 30 min ($25) or 60 min ($45) private lesson for them to help you along with any skills or behavior you struggle with at home.


Multi-day Dayschool passes can be purchased online. 


[6 months and under only  |  Registration is Required -

All our classes are positive reinforced verbally and treat based. Come and allow your puppies under 6 months of age to play, socialize, learn play manners and some basic foundation skills in our indoor classroom, this is a weekly class.

*Pups must be 6 months and under, have their vaccinations and arrive on leash.
*limited to 6 pups and two dog parents only for social distancing, all dog parents must have a mask for class.


Class is Saturday and Thursday, $110 +GST for 4 weeks

Next classes to be announced when restrictions are lifted.



[For dogs 6 - 18 months  |  Registration is Required- 

This class offers puppy-style content and continues to grow with the pups weekly to ensure your puppy develops into a confident, well-mannered dog. We do foundational skills and build up their cues to add in more difficulty in time and self control. All our classes are positive reinforced verbally and treat based.

  • Your dog has behavior issues that basic manners will help resolve (jumping up, rough play, barking, pulling, running away and more.)

  • Class can help with fear, anxiety, and separation anxiety.

  • You want to build solid relationship and behaviors for your “go everywhere” dog.




[All dogs 18+ months  |  Registration is Required- Next 6 week week classes to be announced when restrictions are lifted.

We will work on:

  • Basic skills and manners

  • Effective socialization

  • Problem behavior prevention and modification

  • Basic obedience skills

  • Socialization activities

  • Games and brain stimulating activities

  • Focus and self-control exercises




All dogs registered for K9 EDU must have completed Kinder Puppy or private training assessment.

Taking the dog for a walk

Private in home training is available as well, $50 for a 60 min session plus travel time, please contact us for availability.

Please email us at to register, or any questions you may have!

Check back often for class updates, or follow us on Facebook to get updates automatically.


Alpine View Training Price Chart April 2
Animal Rescue and Care

All dogs must have up to date vaccines, including kennel cough, be free of illness and dog parents must have a mask on and be healthy for class.

(Puppies must have second vaccines)

*All classes must have a minimum of 2 dogs per class to run, next available class will be offered to any registrants postponed.